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Support Respite and Retreat for Spiritual Care Professionals

Join us in making a meaningful impact on the well-being of spiritual care professionals by supporting The Spiritual Care Fund. Your contribution can help provide essential respite opportunities for these dedicated caregivers who offer solace and guidance during life’s most challenging moments. There are several ways for you to get involved:


Cash Donations: Your financial support directly contributes to funding retreats for spiritual care professionals. Every donation, big or small, makes a difference.  Donations to 501 (c)3  nonprofit organizations like The Spiritual Care Fund, and individuals can deduct up to 100% of their income in qualified donations.

  • Give a one-time donation
  • Become a monthly supporter

In-Kind Donations: Like cash donations, in-kind donations are tax deductible according to the value assigned to the in-kind donation. Our spiritual director is an experienced “travel hacker” and can help your donation go further.  We appreciate donations such as:

  • Time share weeks
  • Entertainment or restaurant gift cards

Non-Deductible Donations: Not all deductions are tax-deductible, but some can still be useful for supporting our mission. We can use the following donations:

  • Airline reward miles
  • Opening up a second home for a getaway or retreat space.


If you would like to make a more significant contribution to The Spiritual Fund, please contact us through our contact form, so we can discuss sponsorship opportunities. Sponsorship opportunities can include:

  • Sponsoring a relaxing activity for an individual 
  • Sponsoring a getaway, retreat, or sabbatical
  • Sponsoring a continuing education lecture for the spiritual caregiver community 


  • Host a local fundraiser:  Our spiritual director is an experienced fundraising coordinator and can help you guide a local fundraiser for The Spiritual Care Fund that significantly increases our impact. 
  • Administrative Support: If you have administrative skills, consider volunteering your time for tasks such as data entry, phone calls, or other organizational needs. Your support in these areas helps streamline our operations and allows us to focus on our mission.
  • Become a local guide or point of contact: Individuals living in or familiar with retreat destinations can volunteer as local guides or contact points. Your local expertise ensures a smooth and enriching experience for the spiritual care professionals during their retreats.
  • Offer a lecture or workshop: Our Interfaith Lecture Series is a free lecture series that seeks to expose spiritual care practitioners to diverse spiritual viewpoints and practical application workshops for self-care and the care of others. Donations given for lectures in this series help support our budget. 
  • Institutional Collaborations:  We believe strongly in the principle of mutual benefit and relish the opportunity to connect with like-minded organizations to further holistic health, particularly spiritual well-being. If you love what we do and think that we will love what you do, send us a message, and let’s start a conversation. 

Thank You

Your support is a vital part of creating a community that values and nurtures those who provide spiritual care to others. Together, let’s ensure that these compassionate caregivers have the respite and retreat experiences they need to recharge, reflect, and continue their impactful work with renewed energy and purpose. Thank you for being a crucial part of this mission!
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